Little homeschooling record update

Today madam had ballet which was great. They run around acting out fairy tales and it’s brill.

After that, this afternoon I went to wilkinsons and stocked up on some crafty bits.

We blew up balloons and drew faces on them. (‘Drew’ – is that a word?), and stuck some bits all over them.

We played with play doh and she learned how to make a ‘man’ with a head, body, arms and legs. We also did the facial details with some of my cake decorating tools which she manage to do. I’m noticing that she is learning to copy more and her hand is more controlled with a tool or a pen so she can do finer, more detailed work.

She also feeds the rabbits and guinea pigs which I feel has boosted her confidence and she is proud of being able to do that as feeding the dog was quite unsuccessful!

Here’s some pics of what we have been up to, I was very impressed with the eyes she managed to draw on the balloons, these are her best ones yet and one eye even has eyelashes! …






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