Paint and glue does not go well with carpet…

We have been blow painting, finger painting and creating hand prints. P is very interested in footprints so we always spot the different types if we go to The New Forest or the beach etc

We have also started doing the odd work sheet


I have been reading lots of books with her too, then I have been asking her questions about the stories. It’s amazing how much information she can retain which is great.


This one is an old fave!

We have been looking after our old pals, the rabbits and guinea pigs as usual and learning about what they can and can’t eat.

We have also been gluing and sticking a lot, we have made masks and various things, all the time we have been talking about colours, shapes, counting etc..

The other day we watched a video on YouTube about hatching birds, we then went to Christchurch to feed the ducks and found an empty egg which was obviously recently hatched from. P loved that.



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