Laminating everything!

This past week has been mad. We do hog roars and bbqs for a living and the bank holiday was full of them so we have been up to our elbows in food and washing up!

But, we managed to get out to avon country park


Which was great P had a really good run around and so did the dog.

Also, BIG news – I bought a laminator!


And so I am now laminating everything in sight including lots of work sheets for P and we have been doing them a lot. We are mainly concentrating on the alphabet, counting and shapes.



We use board pens to write on them and then rub it off. She can now recognise written numbers up to 5 and her counting up to ten and shape recognition is good.

We are learning more about the alphabet by saying the sounds that words begin with like a for apple etc… I thought hat would be the easiest way to go!

Anyway we are off to the park!

Thanks for reading


Paint and glue does not go well with carpet…

We have been blow painting, finger painting and creating hand prints. P is very interested in footprints so we always spot the different types if we go to The New Forest or the beach etc

We have also started doing the odd work sheet


I have been reading lots of books with her too, then I have been asking her questions about the stories. It’s amazing how much information she can retain which is great.


This one is an old fave!

We have been looking after our old pals, the rabbits and guinea pigs as usual and learning about what they can and can’t eat.

We have also been gluing and sticking a lot, we have made masks and various things, all the time we have been talking about colours, shapes, counting etc..

The other day we watched a video on YouTube about hatching birds, we then went to Christchurch to feed the ducks and found an empty egg which was obviously recently hatched from. P loved that.



Little homeschooling record update

Today madam had ballet which was great. They run around acting out fairy tales and it’s brill.

After that, this afternoon I went to wilkinsons and stocked up on some crafty bits.

We blew up balloons and drew faces on them. (‘Drew’ – is that a word?), and stuck some bits all over them.

We played with play doh and she learned how to make a ‘man’ with a head, body, arms and legs. We also did the facial details with some of my cake decorating tools which she manage to do. I’m noticing that she is learning to copy more and her hand is more controlled with a tool or a pen so she can do finer, more detailed work.

She also feeds the rabbits and guinea pigs which I feel has boosted her confidence and she is proud of being able to do that as feeding the dog was quite unsuccessful!

Here’s some pics of what we have been up to, I was very impressed with the eyes she managed to draw on the balloons, these are her best ones yet and one eye even has eyelashes! …






Started Home Ed TODAY!

As my daughter is about to turn three, and I have decided that I am going to home educate her. I am starting this blog for a few reasons, I want to keep a record of what we are learning and the activities we are doing, I want to be able to show anyone who asks what we have been up to and I want to be able to keep a track on progress etc..I also want to maybe inspire other Home Educators with some ideas as I steal enough ideas from them!


Today we talked about the weather, it was a rainy day so we had a duvet on the sofa and we then read the books in the series below. ‘Snow’ was her favourite, she was very engaged when we talked about a doormouse and how it hibernates. We then watched some children’s learning videos about the weather on YouTube. We touched on talking about the seasons, today we mainly talked about Winter.


I am also loving the ‘Big Book of Things to Do’ given to me by my step mum who also home educates my Brother.




Being inspired by the Big Book of ¬†Things to Do, we made crowns which led on to making rings and bracelets and then we decorated a box which we filled with ‘treasure’. I was also made to wear a crown, which I have just realised, I am still wearing whilst typing this post. These are some of the bits we did together.


photo 1 (2)photo 3photo 2 (1)